One Year Eating Vegan (Plant Based Diet) I did it!

It has officially been one year eating vegan! 
Before and Now

I found it actually surprisingly easy.  I was pescatarian for two years.  I ate no meat only fish (not a vegetarian). I think that also made my transition to vegan/plant based diet fairly easy. 

I started by getting rid of all the non-vegan food in my kitchen, then stocked up on my new food. My husband and I started this journey together this also made it easy for me.   My grocery store lists consists of loading up on fruits, veggies, grains, beans, and yes I admit, cookies, cereals, veggie meats, coconut ice-cream, you name it. Anything we found vegan we bought. Which turned out to be an enormous amount of food.  Going out to eat is okay too, many menus have vegan options right on them, or I could at least adapt a meal by simply asking for no cheese.

The best and most surprising part, I was thoroughly enjoying it! I was loving all the new foods I was trying, I felt great loading up on veggies. I didn’t feel tired or weighed down after a meal, and I never felt like I “over did it”. My pants started getting looser (losing about 12 pounds), my energy soared, my skin got clearer and more glowing, I no longer got drowsy in the afternoons, and I feel inspired to cook more interesting things!  

Also, I have an amazing doctor, Dr. Richardson.  He focuses on plant based nutrition and supports a plant based diet. Dr. Richardson has been a great guide throughout this journey. I had my end of the year 2016 physical and all of my tests came back normal! I did it! ONE YEAR EATING VEGAN! 

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  1. Dealeya says:

    Will you now eat meat and meat products?

  2. JustJewels4U says:

    No, I'm staying with this diet. It is working well for me

  3. Marcella says:

    Wendy I am sooooo proud and inspired by you! I am praying and thinking about attempting a vegetarian fast next month. I am nervous so I will probably contact you for support! I love you girl! Keeping ispiring and producing classy, elegant, and spiritual women just by being the amazing woman you are!!!

  4. JustJewels4U says:

    Thank you so much Marcie! I appreciate such a sweet compliment. I'm here whenever you need me.

  5. So proud of you and You look great! I think people don't understand how easy this lifestyle is/can be. When I tell people my lifestyle they often frown upon it simply because they don't understand how the process actually works. But I'm much healthier and my body reveals the life change daily. Keep pushing and motivating others to do this!


  6. Nikkipooh says:

    You look even more amazing! I am working to get there. I realize that meal prepping, staying strong as I will be the only vegan in my family and trying new recipes will be key! 2017 is my year to get it right! I'm ready to try some of the awesome restaurants around Atlanta also!

  7. JustJewels4U says:

    Thank you so much. It is really easy. It is all a mind thing. Determination to eat healthy is key. Vegan is not for everyone but it doesn't hurt to give it a try. That is what I tell people.

  8. JustJewels4U says:

    Thank you! I can't wait to hear about your experiences. You can do it! Happy and healthy 2017!

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