Smyna Thrift + America’s Thrift +Alexis Suitcase: Christmas in July Nautical Inspired

My husband said this look reminds him of Christmas.  July does feel like Christmas.  July is my birthday month along with so many others.  Every weekend this entire month, I have attended a birthday celebration. July is truly an amazing month and it is truly a gift to celebrate so many birthdays in one month.  The month is not over yet, but I must say it was great!  

A pencil skirt paired with a cute blouse is always a great combo for the office.  I wore this colorful nautical blouse with a silk green pencil skirt.   

Nautical inspired print blouse/$1.99/America’s Thrift Store
Silk Green Pencil Skirt/$3.99/America’s Thrift Store
Red Guess Pumps/$5.00/Smyrna Thrift Store

My entire outfit for under $15.00! 

Loui Vouitton Speedy from Alexis Suitcase in Sandy Springs 
I had to share the price one more time! $1.99. 
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Wendy D.J.

“Live To Inspire”

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    Love the look!

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