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Meet 365Dresses Feature Of The Week – Mary Bryd

Mary Byrd is a 40 something mother of two amazing kids.   Her daughter is in college and her son is a Junior in high school.  She has a day job and is a fashion blogger plus stylist during her free time.  Mary is also the co- founder of a non for profit organization  the ” You Go Girl project ” as well as a fashion contributor for ” Women of More” Magazine.

“I started blogging when I turned 40 because I was at a point in my life that I needed a creative outlet and so I decided that I would start a fashion blog to share all my fabulous finds.”  Mary describes her style as classic, sophisticated and touch of sexiness.  “I feel that my style reflects every side of my personality.”
 I am a dress girl always have been since I was child.  I am such a girly girl.  I love the feminine appeal of dresses.  There is a dress for every woman  and every woman will find dress that will make her feel fabulous when she walks out the door.
There are a few celebrities that identify my style with .  I am such a fan of Jennifer Lopez , Tracee Ellis Ross and Gabriel Union. I feel they all have this love of fashion and they are not afraid to take risks but they always keep it classy with elements of sexiness.  As a woman in my 40’s they really inspire to try new things and to be more creative.
The 3 pieces I feel that every woman should have in her closet are
1) A little black dress that makes you feel amazing
2) A great fitting pair of jeans because they can be the foundation to a great outfit and can be dressed up or down.
3) A classic white shirt because they just are so crisp and can be styled so many ways.
 Blog is Curlbyrdie Byrdie Chirps http://curlybyrdiechirps.blogspot.com
Twitter Curlbyrdie https://twitter.com/curlybyrdie
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