Custom Camouflage / High Waisted Wide Leg

Stepping into the month….

The first of the month, January, has finished. Not so long ago many of us were celebrating the new year and perhaps full of excitement about new years’ resolutions, hopes, plans and so forth.  Well, the excitement doesn’t have to end.

February has arrived and we are thinking all things LOVE! The theme for this month for me is ‘Love Your Body’.   I want to change my mindset and create a positive attitude towards my body.  The main reason, I love skirts and dresses is because I get to hide my hips. Ugh, I so hate them but I’ve decided to embrace my hips.  This curvy  vegan is no longer hiding her hips.

Whether you are only starting out or are near your target weight, I want you to appreciate what you already have and love yourself inside and out. The thing we need to remember is we are all unique so we should embrace our different qualities and learn to love them.


Custom Military Jacket – Fashion Junkey
High Waisted Wide Leg – Funky Flair Boutique
Vintage Oversize Clutch – Lost and Found Vintage

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2 responses to “Custom Camouflage / High Waisted Wide Leg”

  1. JK says:

    Lady I honestly dont know what you mean. Your shape is stunning and those trousers look dope on u. Its a shame u held out on the pictures cos I KNOW your booty looks goooooood in those!! 😉 lol Yes you need to embrace those hips. I wish I could too. ha! ok… As ever your smile and hair is just too much beauty to take in. x x x

    • wendydj says:

      Awww, thanks for the compliment. I appreciate your kind words. Every woman has a part of them that makes them feel a little insecure.

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