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Robbie Steele Martin

Who is Robbie Steele Martin? One of our favorites in 365Dresses Facebook Group, daughter, sister, mother, friend, mentor, teacher, and motivator.

Robbie is native of Birmingham, Alabama, she is a product of the Birmingham School System, attending Ramsay Alternative High School.  She received her Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center with Honors, and received her B.A. in Public Administration, cum laude, from Samford University.  Proud wife of the late Verdel Martin, and adoring mom of two: Jonathan David age 15 and Kaitlyn Gwenneth age 13.   After spending ten years as a litigation attorney, Robbie transitioned to the corporate world. Robbie spends her free time as what she calls “Chief Motivator” speaking to a variety youth and women’s groups.  As one who is determined to leave everyone and everything better, she seeks opportunities to pour into others and empower them to fulfill their purpose.  She is one of the Best- Selling co-authors of the Book – I am Woman.  She also loves to inspire through the written word, so be on the lookout for her new blog, Heeling Hearts, which launches in later in 2018.

Robbie has been recognized with numerous awards for her leadership, character and philanthropy, but none are dearer to her than being named the first ever 2015 Junior Achievement Alumnus of the Year and having a scholarship named in her honor.  The Robbie Steele Martin Scholarship is given to local Birmingham students involved in Junior Achievement.

Grateful to God for the many gifts and talents she had been blessed to have, she continuously reminds others that your race, your gender and your zip code do not define you.  Hard –work, determination, perseverance, and tenacity will define you.  She insists on moving forward regardless of the obstacles she faces and hope that her untiring pursuit of excellence is a light and beacon of hope to all who know her.


Robbie on Style and Fashion

I believe Style is the ability to make a statement without uttering a single word.

Your style speaks before your mouth speaks.

For me fashion is like art. Our bodies are beautiful canvas to work with.
As I have gotten older I have learned not to be so concerned with what’s the latest trend, but what I think looks good on me, especially since I am vertically challenged at 4’8.
I love dresses, skirts, heels, bling, sparkles, and all things girly. So my clothes tend to reflect that love. I do have an edgy side that comes out every now and then.
Shoes are my absolute favorite article of clothing. I consider myself a fashionista and shoeista.
I come from a family of fashionistas – both my grandmothers love to dress – suits, hats and gloves. Both my parents were really into shoes. I guess I got both – the love for shoes and clothes.
My favorite period for vintage clothes is the 1940s – glamours blouses and skirts, tailored dresses and suits and all sorts of hats, gloves and pearls.  Because my Style speaks for me, I gravitate towards unique pieces- which means I shop boutiques, online, consignment and thrift.

Keep in touch with Robbie
stylist and image consultant business: Forward Fashion
Coming Feb 2018 to FB & IG Heeling Hearts – making the world a better place one pair of shoes at a time
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