Lucky Boots- Glad To Have a Great Relationship With My Son


Coach Boots – Rag O Rama (Sandy Springs, GA)

It happens in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re changing your baby’s diaper and yearning for just a moment’s peace, and the next moment you’re preparing the guest bedroom for a visit from your now-adult child. How did that happen?

Your kids will always be your kids no matter if they’re just learning to crawl, heading off for their first day of college or changing their own little one’s diapers.  My son doesn’t have any children yet.  But as your children get older, you no longer have to worry about making all of their decisions or setting boundaries to keep them safe. Of course, that doesn’t mean you stop worrying about them.

I must say, My husband and I are proud to say we have a great relationship with our son.  Always keep in mind, as your children become adults, what they need from you more than anything is emotional support. So be prepared to listen and to share in the experiences of their lives.

Coach Boots – Rag O Rama (Sandy Springs, GA)


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