365Dresses Feature of the Week – Tanesha Brown

Meet Tanesha Brown, owner and founder of Discard To Disctinct.  For Tanesha, fashion means confidently expressing who you are with no concern for others opinion.   “Using different fabrics and silhouettes to create a masterpiece, my masterpiece that speaks to who I am at that moment.” – Says Tanesha.

Her style is playful yet professional, feminine, daring, sexy and classy.   It’s her visual contribution for fashion.  She loves the contrast that’s created when taking her style from casual to elegant which mixes flip flops, velvet, T-Shirts and Pearls together.

“Dresses and Skirts give me the feeling of femininity, allure and elegance. Different patterns, vibrant colors, playful silhouettes are my go to with all things.” 

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