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I have met many amazing women since moving to Atlanta and Kesha is one of them.  If you’re in business,  just starting one or interested in starting one, tuning to Konvos With Kesha on Wednesday nights is a must!   Kesha is the founder and CEO of Funky Flair Boutique in Marietta, Georgia.  I remember when Funky Flair boutique was a mobile pop up shop.  If there was an event happening in Atlanta, Funky Flair Boutique was a vendor.  I have watched Kesha grow Funky Flair Boutique from a mobile shop to a successfule standing boutique in Marietta, Georgia.  When you’re passionate about your dreams and become successful at it, you want to share with others on how to do the same.  For that reason, Kesha has birthed a new baby, “Konvos with Kesha”.

Konvos with Kesha was started to be an inspiration to female entrepreneurs around the world, especially to potential boutique owners of an actual brick and mortar.

Since starting her business in 2013, Kesha had plenty of people ask questions or wanting feedback on the formula of being an entrepreneur.  She came up with a great idea to launch a podcast based on answering those very questions.

 “Konvos with Kesha is catered to women of all ages and nationalities as it’s all about girl power, fashion, and business. But, actually, I have had a few men tune into the podcast and even ask questions, too!”
“Anyone that tunes into Konvos with Kesha will be inspired as they will log off feeling empowered and ready to jump start their business.  I am very transparent and informative of the “Dos and Dont’s” of being an entrepreneur.”
Kesha’s experiences:
“What originally started out as selling accessories from the trunk of my car, transitioned into getting an actual brick and mortar for Funky Flair Boutique located in Marietta, Georgia.   During that time, I worked various jobs -from sales associate, to visual merchandiser, to an assistant manager, to a fashion buyer, and a fashion writer for various blogs. My goal was to learn every aspect  of the fashion and retail business. I th en took my love for business and fashion a step further,and graduated in June 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a concentration in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Phoenix.”
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