#365Dresses Feature Of The Week – Angela Jones of the Ultimate Fashionista

Let me introduce to you our #365Dresses Facebook Group feature of the week, Angela Jones.  We love how Angela mixes vintage and modern fashion.  

Fashion, shoes and accessories have always been of interest to Raleigh, NC based Fashion Stylist and Blogger, Angela Jones of the Ultimate Fashionista. (www.theultimateFashionista.com)

 At a very young age she was mesmerized in her mother’s closet, trying on her clothes, which quickly became a hobby. While growing up, she regularly traveled to thrift and consignment shops with her mother and grandmother, and quickly became a lover of vintage fashion. Her styling has no limits and we love her dresses and skirts!

She can pull off any look, mixing high/low fashion, creating out-of-the-box outfits which brings back to life vintage pieces.

Let us know which one one of Angela’s style is your favorite!  #365Dressses 

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“Live To Inspire” 

Wendy D.J. 


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  1. Angela Jones says:

    Words can’t express how honored I am to be the #365Dresses Feature of the Week! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I absolutely LOVE the post!!

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