#365Dresses Feature Of The Week – TONYA TERRY

WSFA 12 News Anchor. – Tonya Terry

Tonya Terry always grace 365Dresses with her style and grace.  We appreciate Tonya’s continued support of 365Dresses and we are always looking forward to her posts in our group.  

 Alabama native Tonya Terry is the outspoken, effervescent, fireball who wakes up nearly a quarter of a million viewers each morning as an anchor on one of the country’s  #1 rated news programs (WSFA 12 News Anchor) .

This “Southern Socialite”  loves all things Family, Friends, Fashion and especially TROY Football. She represents the essence of WOMAN, daughter, sister, mother and friend.​​​​

Articulate, poised and positioned she quickly gained an international reputation for her social commentary, quick wit and sense of style as the premier insider, host, social tastemaker for her celebrity friends at their exclusive events. Tonya has introduced and welcomed thousands over the years to concerts, fashion shows, premieres, grand openings, red carpets, expos,  theatre events, conferences, workshops  and galas throughout her region.​​​

You’ll catch her nationally hobnobbing with A-list celebrities, musicians and fashion designers at events like Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Bayfest in Mobile, Style Experience, Black Fashion Tour, Sisters in the Spirit, For Sistas Only, International  Hair Show in Atlanta, New York for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and more. Most importantly she is an advocate against domestic violence, bullying and any form of discrimination, while she maintains her passion and  creates a legacy for self discovery, health & wellness and empowering women!​​​

What you wear speaks volumes about your self-image and self-esteem. Tell the world how fabulous you are without saying a word. You’re always changing; evolving…and your wardrobe should reflect that! I’m having the time of my life and my fashion choices show it” – Tonya Terry


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  1. Angela says:

    Love ALL of them

  2. Orlando Walker says:

    Beautiful in all the outfits but Wow in that Red dress

  3. Raven says:

    Just Beautiful I only watched the news because of her and Jud

  4. Michelle says:

    Love all these dresses!

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