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Vintage Floral Dress from Angels Vintage Boutique

I know everyone doesn’t have time to go to vintage boutiques and thrift stores to score vintage.  Online shopping is more convienient.  I had a conversation with a friend of mine about vintage shopping online. She wanted to know how to shop vintage dresses online and a lightbulb when up. BLOG POST!

Here are some tips for shopping vintage online.

1. START WITH ACCESSORIES: clothes can be a little tricker & overwhelming, so if you’re new to the vintage shopping world- start small with accessories! Think chunky gold necklaces or designer vintage bags.

2. MAKE SURE SELLER IS REPUTABLE: check reviews of who you’re buying vintage from, google, ask questions, read their return policy/about section, & make sure their payment process is secure. Nothing bad about buying vintage, but you just want to make sure you’re not buying a fake Louis with a zero return policy.

3. BE SMART ABOUT SIZING: always read measurements of different pieces and compare to your own, but also remember that vintage sizing is different from modern sizing. If you’re unsure if something will fit, ask the seller how it runs compared to modern sizes.

4. COMPARE PRICES: before you press the buy button, see if you can find the same thing elsewhere for cheaper. This mainly applies to designer accessories, because with clothes it’s usually a one and done situation when it comes to vintage. If you find a vintage Louis Speedy bag you can’t live without, search on eBay to see if they have it for a better price.

5. GO WITH YOUR INTUITION: if you like something at first site & can’t stop thinking about it, trust yourself.

6. KNOW YOUR FABRICS: when it comes to vintage clothes, you have to remember, they’ve been around for a hot minute.

7. HAVE AN IDEA IN MIND: Have an idea of what you’re looking for.

HAVE FUN & ENJOY THE HUNT! cause at the end of the day, vintage shopping is really fun & the feeling you get when you score big is seriously!!!

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  1. ayana says:

    great tips

  2. Ericka says:

    Great tips for vintage shopping!

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