Diner En Blanc – 2017 Mercedes Benz Stadium

Le Diner En Blanc 2017 Mercedes Benz Stadium – Atlanta, Georgia

Le Dîner en Blanc isn’t just a simple picnic. It’s a community experience founded on friendship, elegance, heritage, and respect! One of the things that I did like was that the venue was kept secret. It added to the mystery of the event.  After connecting with our group and bus leader, getting our wrist bands and boarding the bus, we made our way to the venue, which turned out to be Mercedes Benz Stadium.

My white Trina Turk dress is from Rent The Runway

Food! We bring our own food. I kept it vegan and simple.  So after the traditional waving of the napkin to signal the start of the meal, the Hubster and I dug into our garlic herb bread and hummus, olives, cheese, fruits and wine!  For those who didn’t want the hassle of bringing their own food and cutlery, they had the option of pre-ordering meals through Diner En blanc’s e-store.   As for table decor, all white and silver and some candles. Simple and effective. Other people went all out full wedding vibe with their decor.

Then we partied!

Small world it is! I bumped into my classmate at Diner En Blanc. We have not seen each other since 1994


Let’s talk clothing! The dress-code stated was elegant.. very elegant as a matter of fact, and most persons were dressed to the nines with gloves, hats, fascinators and then some.


The Hubster and I

For details on how to attend this event – Click HERE

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    U look amazing. Gotta say ur hair looks really sexy tied like that. x x

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