Vintage Shopping in Italy is Amazing

Vintage Dress from Rome, Italy

One of the best part of traveling is visiting thrift, vintage or second-hand shops during my travel adventures.

There are some drawbacks to shopping for vintage threads in Rome.  The vintage shops can be inconsistently priced but there are advantages too – look hard enough between the tightly packed shelves and you’ll find some really interesting pieces – often designer.

The vintage shops in Rome are particularly good for vintage leather goods such as jackets and shoes. Italy is a huge producer of leather goods – so leather handbags and belts are also a good value (although you can pick up new stuff at pretty good prices, too).

I’m not the best at spotting the designer labels but I love  spotting a good vintage dress with sex appeal. Check out this dress I scored while in Italy.

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“Live To Inspire”

Photography by Be_Atlanta


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3 responses to “Vintage Shopping in Italy is Amazing”

  1. JK says:

    Beautiful pics. Definitely high in sex appeal. x x x

  2. This dress is AMAZING!!! Gorgeous print and definitely sexy. Love it.

    Thrifting Diva

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