Look Book: Vintage Separates – Jumpsuit

Goodwill Score- Vintage Jumpsuit

I shopped my closet and scored these lovely vintage pieces. Many of us are trying to cut down our wardrobes, shop less often, and add fewer pieces to our closets. I understand because lately I’ve been in declutter mode. However, we sometimes worry that in doing so, we might sacrifice style and not look as polished and put together as we would like.

We often think we need to buy more in order to keep up new looks and keep our style fresh. While buying new pieces is one way to update our look, it’s not the only way. There is a lot of possibility waiting to be unleashed inside our very own closets! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You look really good in a jumpsuit. The colour works so well against your skin. I love your hair too. So pretty. x x

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