Look Book- Country Chic Francesca

Fall Country Chic    

Country chic styles range from country western to English countryside inspired outfits.  The look is more rustic than refined and you appear as if you’re headed to participate in activities involving horses or farming but you are likely heading to the grocery store or a day date.  In this case, I was heading to America’s Thrift Store in Marietta, Georgia.

Gap Denim Jacket/America’s Thrift-Marietta, Georgia
Francesca Dress/America’s Thrift- Marietta, Georgia
Boots/JustFab (www.JustFab.com)
America’s Thrift Store-Marietta
2949 Canton Road
Marietta, GA 30066
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  1. Mary Byrd says:

    Country chic looks wonderful on you! How I wish I could thrift with you 😍

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