Funky Flair Summer Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit comfort from Funky Flair Boutique.  I like to be and feel comfortable in my clothes.  I couldn’t decide on whether or not to wear this jumpsuit with or without a belt.  The majority of my Instagram and Facebook family said go with the belt.  I love to show my curves.  I love every inch of my curves and I totally do embrace them but this particular evening, I wanted comfort.  I went without the belt.  Besides, I think the jumpsuit has more of a fashionable different look without the belt.  It looks more high fashion and unexpected.  I had a blast dancing and celebrating in my jumpsuit. The compliments I received let me know there will be a sweet repeat! 

Shoes are from JustFabOnline 
Get your Funky Flair on!

Funky Flair Boutique
3020 Canton Road #220
Marietta, GA 30066
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  1. TruMiracle says:

    You've got great style!

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